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Koshu Inden Saya

Koshu Inden Saya


SAILOR Koshu Inden Saya Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Urushi Lacquer Deer Skin Body Gold Plated trim.


Koshu Inden is an ancient Japanese leather craft dating back more than 400 years. Traditional patterns are drawn with Urushi Lacquer on Deer Skin.


Elegant unusual design in black and gold, the Sailor Saya (meaning Sheath) Koshu Inden fountain pen takes a time-honored Japanese craft to new heights. These pens are being produced in very small numbers, and are expected to be in high demand. Leather covered pens have a long tradition in both Japan and the United States, and vintage pens of this kind have long been highly valued collectors' items.


Koshu Inden is a much-honored Japanese leather craft where artists use Urushi lacquer to paint designs over deer skin. Here artist Makoto Yamamoto has used small dots that form a distinct pattern once favored by warriors and now prevalent on Japanese textiles and fabrics.


133mm capped. 14K MF nib. RRP $490.


A stunning and quirky pen, sure to turn heads. Very rare to find in the UK. 

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