T-1 Fountain Pen

T-1 Fountain Pen


Parker T-1 Fountain Pen, known as ‘The Moon Pen’. In the darker, more sought after, titanium colour.


The revolutionary T-1 was created in 1970 to honour the USA Apollo space program and is constructed of titanium, featuring an integral nib. Titanium was a very expensive material to work with, and the pens cost Parker more to make than they sold for. As a result, they were only made for a very short period (about a year) and are now very difficult to find.


The T-1 has bright red translucent end jewels, the top one engraved with the Parker logo, and is fitted with a small screw which adjusts the wetness of the ink flow and, to an extent, the breadth of its line.


Ultra rare and in mint condition. 


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