88 Vintage Fountain Pen *Solid Silver Pinstriped Cap* Mint Boxed c.1951
Vintage Aurora 88 Fountain Pen in black with gold plated pinstriped cap (very rare).

Plunger filler in full working order. Visualated barrel with no ink staining. Medium/Fine 18K hooded nib.

Near mint (very close to mint) with original anodised triangular shaped aluminium box, instructions and polishing cloth.
OPTIMA *DEMONSTRATOR Clear/Red* Limited Edition Fountain Pen
Aurora Optima Demonstrator piston filling fountain pen. Limited Edition of 1936 (the year the Optima was first produced) pens worldwide.

The piston filler has Aurora's hidden reservoir system ensuring an extra page of writing when it appears that the ink has run out.

Solid 18K Medium nib.

Brand new with all boxes and paper
PRIMAVERA LIMITED EDITION Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Set 1998 NOS Mint Boxed 2000
Aurora Primavera Limited Edition #2313/7500 Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Set.

The limitation number is imprinted on the back top of each cap.

"Primavera" is Italian for spring, and the pen has the bright green color of the early first growth after the last frost. The Aurora Primavera Limited Edition Collection is the third in a series of bright colored marbled celluloid Optima Limited Editions. The barrel and cap are hand turned and highly polished. The barrel is then imprinted with the Aurora name, a nod toward its vintage roots. The gold-plated clip is engraved with two swallows in flight on the crown, a logo that appears throughout the handsome green and black packaging with the pen. The cap has a the wide gold plated engraved Optima band with AURORA centered under the clip, flanked by a Greek key design accented by two black lacquer stripes.

18K solid gold Medium nib.

New old stock. Mint in original box with bottle of ink, papers and outer sleeve.
88P Vintage Fountain Pen - Near Mint - Original Box c.1973
Vintage Aurora 88P Fountain Pen in blackwith gold plated cap with slanted black derby insert and black enamel inlaid in clip.

Near mint (very close to mint) with original box. Dates to circa 1975.

Plunger filler in full working order. Visualated barrel with no ink staining. Medium 18K hooded nib.
*80th Anniversary Sterling Silver Guilloche* Fountain Pen – NOS Mint Boxed 1999
Aurora 80th Anniversary Limited Edition 925 Sterling Silver Guilloche pattern piston filling fountain pen.

This limited edition series of 1,919 pieces was released in 1999, the 80th anniversary year of Aurora's creation in 1919. This pen is number 1136/1919.

Arguably Aurora's most beautiful limited edition release, and now one of the Aurora classics.

18K Medium gold nib (rhodium plated).

New Old Stock in mint as new condition, boxed with papers.
88 *NIKARGENTA* Vintage Fountain Pen - Near Mint - Original Box c.1949
Vintage Aurora 88 Fountain Pen in black with the famous scarce Nikargenta pinstriped cap, made of an alloy of nickel and silver. Dates to approximately 1949.

Near mint with original triangular shaped aluminium box and instructions. There is just one tiny ding on the cap, as shown in photogragh 5, and there is some wear to the box.

Plunger filler in full working order and recently serviced. Visualated barrel. Medium/Fine 18K hooded nib.
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