2000 Blackwood Ballpoint
Whilst most of our pens are vintage or out of production, we also carry a limited selection of our favourite modern classics.

The LAMY 2000 blackwood is a new version of the classic LAMY 2000. The LAMY 2000 blackwood is a ballpoint pen made of exquisite grenadilla, or African blackwood. Solid, spring-operated stainless steel clip. All fittings in high-grade Palladium finish.

Superb build quality and design.

Supplied with LAMY giant refill M 16 black M.

Designer: Gerd A. Müller
Studio Scarlet Special Edition Fountain Pen 2011
Lamy Studio Scarlet Special Edition Fountain Pen. Medium nib.

Released for a short period in 2011 and highly collectable.
*27 Clear Demonstrator* Fountain Pen 1960s - Mint NOS
Lamy 27 Clear Demonstrator Fountain Pen dating to the 1960s.

Plunger filler.

A rare find. The only one we have ever seen.

New old stock in mint condition.
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