World Memorial
<p>Parker Duofold World Memorial Limited Edition Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Set.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>This set is #0570/10,000 worldwide.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>See the full details as contained in David Shepherd's Duofold Bible, the relevant page of which is reproduced in the last photograph.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Rare to find as a set with the correct box.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Mint condition.</p>
World Memorial
Parker Duofold World Memorial Limited Edition Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Set.

This set is #0570/10,000 worldwide.

See the full details as contained in David Shepherd's Duofold Bible, the relevant page of which is reproduced in the last photograph.

Rare to find as a set with the correct box.

Mint condition.
DUOFOLD DNA *RARE RED* Limited Edition Fountain Pen 61/100 – Mint Boxed
Parker Duofold Centennial DNA in the extremely rare red colour. This was a Limited Edition of just 100 worldwide made by Parker for the London Pen Show 2009. Of the Edition of 100 pens, 13 were kept by Parker and the remaining 87 were quickly snapped up by collectors.

This pen is number 61 of 100, in mint, uninked as new condition with all boxes and papers. The paperwork has been signed by the Parker brothers (Stephen and Geoff), who attended the WES 2009 London Pen Show

The innovative design of this limited edition was inspired by the helical pattern of DNA. This Duofold DNA is finished in 'Flame Red' resin and precision chiseled to give the pen a unique aesthetic appeal and unique tactile dimension. The decorative trims and the nib are platinum plated. The limited edition 18ct nib fitted to this pen is only available in a medium grade.
DUOFOLD Black *Rare Custom Bands* Fountain Pen - Mint
Parker Duofold Black International Fountain Pen with customised pearl cap and barrel bands. Extremely rare.

Mint condition as new.

18KT Two tone Medium 18K gold first generation Arrow nib
DUOFOLD BLACK *Presidential Seal* Black Fountain Pen - Mint - Boxed
Parker Duofold Black Fountain Pen with Presidential Seal Decal.

Mint condition with American Cherrywood Duofold presentation box correct for the period.

18kt gold first generation Duofold Centennial Edition Medium nib.

This pen was acquired from a former Parker employee in the USA. It is believed to be one of the prototypes presented by Parker to the White House in 1993 alongside the matching Rollerball (see the related listing for Catalogue #274). The Rollerball was chosen to be used for the historic Treaty signing. The Fountain pen does not appear to have been ordered, but is nevertheless an intriguing rarity.

See the further details and photograph in the listing for the Rollerball – and the fascinating further details on page 309 of David Shepherd and Dan Zazove’s wonderful Duofold book.
Parker Duofold Bumblebee Limited Edition Fountain Pen.

This is one of only 100 Parker Duofold Centennials produced by Parker for the London Pen Show in 2007. Thirteen of the pens were retained by Parker, so only 87 of the edition were released to the worldwide market. Extremely rare and difficult to find. This pen is Ed. 095/100

Although known as the London Parker Duofold (see the cap decal) when it was issued, the pen community gave it the name 'Bumblebee'.

Inspired by a 1930's design of the Parker Vacumatic. The material chosen by Parker for this Duofold has the same laminated design with white bordered yellow rings alternating with transparent rings. Both the cap and barrel are partly transparent.

Mint as new condition, with all boxes and papers. The certificate signed not only signed by Dave Ruderman, then Director of Heritage Products at Parker, but also personally signed and dated by Geoffrey S. Parker himself. Only some of the edition bear his signature.
180 Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Retirement Set c. 1978 - Mint Boxed
Parker 180 Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Retirement Set from circa 1978. Mint condition as new with original presentation box. The caps have a plaque reading IN APPRECIATION and with the signature of George Parker. This set presented to Cleo H. Maurer.

These sets were introduced in June 1978 and were presented exclusively to retiring Parker employees.

The caps and barrels of this special edition set are made of gold plated brass, which is then antiqued to bring out the texture. This produces a similar finish to the Parker 75 RMS Queen Elizabeth.

Reversible 14K nib which writes Medium, and when reversed EF.

Fountain Pen Filling system is converter or cartridge. Both supplied.

Very unusual and scarce to find.
75 *LAPIS LAZULI* Lacquer Fountain Pen c.1979 Mint NOS
Parker 75 Lapis Lazuli Lacquer Fountain Pen. The nost sought after finish of the Lacquer collection introduced in 1979.

In pristine new old stock mint condition, as new.

Fitted with rare 18K Oblique Broad nib
Duofold Orange *Streamline 'The Pen of Peace'* Set Special Edition 1998
Parker Duofold Orange Streamline 'The Pen of Peace' Special Edition Fountain Pen and Ballpoint Set 1998. 18K Banner Style Fine nib.

What makes this set exceptional and highly collectable is that this Centennial size pen and the ballpoint both have the Streamline cap top design, which was never manufactured in the Orange colour. You will also see that the documentation shows the flat top in one picture, and the streamline (1996 model duofold) in the other two - making this set an extremely unusual and rarely seen modern Duofold.

Mint condition with boxes and marketing brochure.
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